120V LED Flagpole Light 12-35 foot pole

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120V LED Flagpole Light 12-35 foot pole NO TRANSFORMER NEEDED.

30=Pure White color temp

42=Cool White color temp

bbr and azt colors on LED

LED light azt and bbr

Residential Yards
• Usually is effectively lit with two lighting fixtures.
• Low voltage fixtures should be located 6” to 3’ from the flagpole.
• If using two fixtures, they should be placed 180° apart.
• Aim the fixture at the ball at the top of the flagpole.
Commercial or Large Residential Lots
• Usually is effectively lit with three lighting fixtures.
• If using three fixtures, they should placed 120° apart.
• Fixtures should be installed from 12” to 3’ from the base of the pole.
• Aim the fixture at the ball at the top of the flagpole.


Light chart

LED 120v Flagpole light chart


Product Description

LED Landscape Lighting – 120V LED Light 

29 Watt 10° 120 Volt LED Landscape Light

In the commercial world and at home, return on investment counts. This 120 volt fixture will pay for itself on average in less than two years with lower cost of ownership. There’s no better solution for replacing your halogen PAR and metal halide lamps.

The Kichler 16204 is a line voltage 29 watt LED landscape light that provides illumination equal to a 100 watt halogen PAR38 lamp.  This small LED landscape light has a 10 degree beam spread which is very narrow.  This light comes in 2 different finish options and has the option of  pure white light output or cool light output.  Enjoy at least 40,000 hours of use while saving 80% on energy.  Never replace a light bulb again saving time and money.  Kichler is the industry leader in LED landscape lighting.  This Kichler Design Pro LED carries a remarkable 15 year warranty.

SPECIFICATIONS – Kichler  120V 19W LED Accent
  • Cast Aluminum (AZT- Bronze), Cast Brass (BBR- Bronzed Brass)
  • AZT- Textured Architectural Bronze (Marine Grade Powder Coat)
  • BBR- Bronzed Brass (Solid Brass with Rubbed Bronze Finish)
  • 5.5″ H x 4.4″ W
Light Source
  • Integrated LED Chip, Constant Current Driver and Transformer
  • Compares to 100 watt halogen PAR38 lamp.
  • High Output LED from Cree® a leading manufacturer of silicon carbide based semiconductors.
  • 40,000 Hours L70 (L70 is lumen depreciation of 70% where the eye notices a change in light output).
  • 15 year warranty
Color Temperature (CCT)
  • Pure White- 3000K (-45/+130)
  • Cool White- 4250K (-250/+250)
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
  • 80+ Color rendering index (CRI) is a measure of how accurately an artificial light source displays colors.  This fixture has a rating considered “best” in the industry. Source: EnergyStar.gov Light Quality Guide
  • Radiax™ Optic – Creates a 10° narrow spot beam. See photometric data below.
Power Usage
  • 19 WATTS
Operating Voltage Range
  • 108-132VA, 50-60 Hz
  • 3000K = 1,131 lumens (39Lm/W)
  • 4250K = 1,368 lumens (47Lm/W)
  • 8″ of usable 200°C 18AWG wire leads
Included Mounting Accessories 
  • N/A
Optional Mounting Accessories
  • Power Post® – Kichler 15276BK *We recommend using this stake for all applications when fixture is mounted in the soil.
  • Tree Junction Box Mounting Bracket – Kichler 15609 *We recommend this box for down lighting applications*
  • Surface Mounting Flange – Kichler 15601
  • Adjustable Height Stem – Kichler 15570
  • 6″ Stem – Kichler 15645
  • 12″ Stem – Kichler 15656
  • 18″ Stem – Kichler 15657
  • 24″ Stem – Kichler 15658
  • Stem Coupler – Kichler 15649
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29 Watt 120 Volt 10° Spot Kichler 16204 LED Landscape Light
Feet Foot Candles Beam Width
Kichler 16000 3watt 10 degree LED landscape light photometrics 8 394.5 1.6′
12 175.3 2.5′
24 43.8 4.9′
36 19.5 7.4′
48 11 9.8′
60 7 12.3′

Kichler 16000 Dimensions

LED Flagpole lights

12v to 120v LED flagpole lights

LED flagpole light

16200 for 12′ to 20′ poles

120V LED flagpole light

16202 LED Flagpole Light for 25′ to 35′ flagpoles

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AZT azt16204


WHTwhite 16204


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
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None, 16200 BBR30 $292.00, 16202BBR30 $362, 16204BBR30 $390.00


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