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FLASH COLLARSThe aluminum ornamental base or flash collar is available in .060″ spun aluminum or a heavy duty casting of approximately 1/4″ thickness. For ground installations, the outside diameter of the collar should be at least 1″ larger than the diameter of the foundation sleeve. The inside diameter of the collar will be approximately 1/8″ larger than the shaft diameter listed. As part of the installation procedure, this space should be sealed to prevent water from entering the ground sleeve. Please contact Lady Liberty for two-piece, split collars in these designs. A split collar design can be useful when adding or replacing a collar on an installed flagpole without using a crane.

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Weight 6 lbs

COL-Satin-0050-2×12 ($29.00), COL-Satin-0150-2.5×7.5 ($29.00), COL-Satin-0200-3×12 ($29.00), COL-Satin-0250-3.5×12 ($29.00), COL-Satin-0300-4×12 ($29.00), COL-Satin-0400-5×14 ($31.00), COL-Satin-0600-5.5×14 ($31.00), COL-Satin-0800-6×14 ($31.00), COL-Satin-1100-7×14 ($31.00), COL-Satin-1300-8×18 ($47.00), COL-Satin-1600-10×18 ($47.00), COL-Satin-1800-12×18 ($47.00), COL-Bronze-0053-2×12 ($40.00), COL-Bronze-0153-2.5×7.5 ($40.00), COL-Bronze-0203-3×12 ($40.00), COL-Bronze-0253-3.5×12 ($40.00), COL-Bronze-0303-4×12 ($40.00), COL-Bronze-0403-5×14 ($44.00), COL-Bronze-0603-5.5×14 ($44.00), COL-Bronze-0803-6×14 ($44.00), COL-Bronze-1103-7×14 ($44.00), COL-Bronze-1303-8×18 ($60.00), COL-Bronze-1603-10×18 ($60.00), COL-Bronze-1803-12×18 ($60.00)


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