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Department of Interior Flag DOI Flag
52″ x 62″
Printed Single reverse but other sizes and types available.
The flag is single reverse. Outdoor has header and grommets. Indoor has pole hem and gold fringe. Indoor/Outdoor had pole hem plain, no fringe. Other size available if need. Please call 877-352-4755

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Department of Interior Flag 52" x 62" Printed

Flag for the Department of the Interior

5.4 Flags of the Department of The Interior

A. The Interior Department Flag (Department Flag). The Department flag will be
displayed or flown only in conjunction with the flag of the United States of America and only as
specified in this Chapter.
(1) Displaying and Flying the Department Flag
(a) Interior-controlled Installations. The Department flag will be flown in
conjunction with the U.S. flag at the entrance to, near, or over the main administration and
headquarters buildings at all Department of the Interior-controlled installations. The flag should
be displayed in the Offices of the Secretary, Solicitor, Assistant Secretaries, Inspector General,
and the headquarters and regional headquarters of bureaus and offices. It may also be displayed
or flown at official functions and special occasions, such as dedications, ceremonies, press
conference, etc.
(b) GSA-controlled Installations. GSA’s Public Building Service is responsible for
displaying and flying flags at GSA-controlled buildings. For special occasions, approval may be
obtained from the appropriate GSA Regional Office to fly the Department flag at the entrance to,
near, or over Interior-occupied buildings under GSA control.
(c) Leased Facilities. The Department flag will be flown at leased facilities which
are solely occupied by the Department, where leasing arrangements (and GSA policy) permit.
(2) Description. The official flag of the Department of the Interior is 4 feet 5 inches on
the hoist by 5 feet 6 inches on the fly. As shown in Illustration I, the color is light blue and
white, arranged in four alternate triangles. The four quadrants represent these original major
activities of the Department: Fish and Wildlife, Mineral Resources, Water and Power, and
Public Land Management. In the center of the flag is depicted the Departmental seal, 26 inches
in diameter.
(a) Indoor Flag. The flag for inside use is made of nylon cloth, with a pole hem
and leather tabs, and trimmed on three sides with a gold-colored fringe 2-1/2 inches wide. The
flag will be mounted on a staff surmounted by a gold spread eagle.
(b) Outdoor Flag. The flag for outside use is made of nylon without the goldcolored fringe. This flag is complete with a canvas heading and metal grommets.
(c) Department Vessel Flag. The vessel flag is 22 inches on the hoist by 32 inches
on the fly and is fabricated from nylon cloth.
(3) Procurement. Department flags may be purchased from the OFAS for authorized
use only.

Department of Interior Flag 52″ x 62″ DOI Flag

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Weight 2 lbs

52” x 62” Outdoor w/header & grommets $104.80, 52” x 62” Indoor w/polehem & fringe $104.80, 52” x 62” Indoor/outdoor w/polehem plain $91.70


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