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DHS Flag

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Department of Homeland Security
Management Directives System
MD Number: 0040
Issue Date: 07/30/2003


I. Purpose

This directive sets forth DHS policy for the acquisition, display, and flying of the official
flag of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

II. Scope

This directive applies to all DHS organizational elements.

III. Authorities

A. 105th Congress, 1st Session – Senate Document 105-13, “Our Flag”.

B. Homeland Security Act, Section 8752, codified in 6 U.S.C. Section 455.

IV. Definitions

DHS Flag. The official Department of Homeland Security flag consists of a rectangular
base of Pantone Blue, #2955C, with the DHS official seal centered on the base. The
flag does not contain fringe. The official flag must be displayed with a gray cord and

V. Responsibilities

The Under Secretary for Management, through the Chief of Administrative Services,
shall be responsible for the purchase and distribution of DHS flags and for the
implementation of this directive. No other DHS organizational element may create or
purchase a DHS flag.

– 1 –
MD # 0040 VI. Policy & Procedures

A. Policy. It is the policy of DHS that:

1. The DHS flag may be displayed, usually with the United States flag,
in the lobbies of buildings or on the grounds of buildings occupied solely
by DHS organizational elements. The DHS flag also may be displayed,
usually with the United States flag, in the reception rooms and lobbies of
offices or leased space occupied solely by DHS organizational elements.

2. The Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection (historic U.S.
Customs) ensigns may be flown and displayed with the DHS flag.

3. The following agencies may fly and display their flag (standard) with
the DHS flag: Coast Guard, Citizenship and Immigration Services,
Customs and Border Protection, Federal Emergency Management
Agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Secret Service,
Transportation Security Administration, and the Federal Law Enforcement
Training Center.

4. The following DHS officials are authorized to display a DHS flag in
their respective offices, usually with the United States flag:

a. Secretary

b. Deputy Secretary

c. All Under Secretaries

d. All Assistant Secretaries

e. General Counsel

f. Inspector General

g. Administrator of the Transportation Security Agency

h. Assistant Secretary for Immigration and Customs

i. Chief, Border Patrol

j. Commandant of the United States Coast Guard

k. Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection

– 2 –
MD # 0040 l. Director, Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services

m. Director, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

n. Director of the Federal Protective Service

o. Director of the United States Secret Service

5. The officials listed in paragraph VI.A.4 of this directive may extend
the entitlement of the DHS flag to officials within their respective
organizations other than those listed. Each determination of additional
entitlement shall be made in writing and a copy sent to the Chief of
Administrative Services.

B. Procedures:

1. Display of the DHS and United States flag. When the Flag of the
United States is on display:

a. On a stage with a speaker, it will be on the left side of the
audience and the DHS flag will be to the right of the audience.

b. With the DHS flag in a DHS office, the flags should be
behind the official’s desk or against the wall. The Flag of the United
States will be at the observer’s left and the DHS will be on the right.

c. With the DHS flag from the side of a building, the Flag of the
United States should be displayed in a position of prominence.

d. With the DHS flag from two separate ground mounted
masts, the Flag of the United States should be flown at the
observer’s left.

e. In a lobby with the DHS flag, the Flag of the United States
should be at the observer’s left;

f. On the same halyard with the DHS flag, the Flag of the
United States should be at the highest point; and

g. With two or more other flags, such as the DHS flag and the
CBP ensign, the Flag of the United States will be in the center at a
point higher than the other flags. The DHS flag will be immediately
below the Flag of the United States.

– 3 –
MD # 0040 h. The Coast Guard shall follow NTP-13 (B) as guidance for
displaying flags aboard installations and ships.

2. Requisitioning a DHS Flag

a. DHS organizational elements shall determine annual
requirements for the DHS flag and forward a memorandum to the
Chief of Administrative Services by September 1st of each year to
be included in the DHS consolidated procurement action.

b. The Chief of Administrative Services is the only DHS official
who can authorize the purchase of DHS flags. DHS organizational
elements may not use appropriated funds to purchase or reimburse
employees for the purchase of DHS flags.

c. The Chief of Administrative Services also shall maintain a
small stock of DHS flags to satisfy unanticipated emergency
requirements that may arise.

d. The immediate office of the Secretary may acquire a number
of DHS flags from appropriated funds for presentation purposes.
The disposition of these DHS flags will be at the discretion of the

3. Organizational Element Flags: To ensure uniformity, DHS
Organizational Elements flag designs shall be approved by the Chief of
Administrative Services.

C. Questions or Concerns Regarding the Process: Any questions or
concerns regarding this directive should be addressed to the Chief of
Administrative Services.

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