Flagpole Beacon Light

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Flagpole Beacon Light
Residential Series
The American Beacon Residential Series offers lighting options for External Halyard flagpoles in both Revolving and Stationary designs. These options provide the most environmentally correct way for flagpole illumination, properly lighting the flag during nighttime hours without lighting adjoining properties and the night sky!

• Revolving Option – External Halyard 359° Revolving Cap Style Truck

• 110 Volt System With Driver Contained Inside the Ball

• Can Be Converted to 12V for Solar Power Options

• Warm White, 3000K LED Light Rated for 25,000+ Hours

• 110V / 120V Input, 12 Volt Output

• Revolving Option – Wire Provided For Flagpole Height Plus 10′ (Stationary Option Wire Length is 30′)

Modern society requires outdoor lighting for a variety of needs, including safety and commerce. IDA recognizes this but advocates that any required lighting be used wisely. To minimize the harmful effects of light pollution, lighting should

Only be on when needed
Only light the area that needs it
Be no brighter than necessary
Minimize blue light emissions
Be fully shielded (pointing downward)
The illustration below provides an easy visual guide to understand the differences between unacceptable, unshielded light fixtures and those fully shielded fixtures that minimize skyglow, glare and light trespass.
Finish Option (Applied to Truck Only)
SAT = Satin

BZT = BronzeTone Powder Coat
BLK = Black Powder Coat
WHT = White Powder Coat

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Gold Res. Revolving for up to 2in $350, Silver Res. Revolving for up to 2in $350, Res. Gold Stationary for up to 2in $300.00, Res. Silver Stationary for up to 2in $300.00, Res. Gold Stationary for 2.5in $340.00, Res. Silver Stationary for 2.5in $340.00, Res. Gold Stationary for to 3 in $360.00, Res. Silver Stationary for to 3 in $360.00