Honor and Remember Nylon Flag

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Honor & Remember Nylon Flag
Honor & Remember Nylon Flag

The Flag’s Origin

On December 29, 2005, George Anthony Lutz II (Tony) was killed by a sniper’s bullet while he was on patrol in Fallujah, Iraq. His family and friends endured the shock, emotional agony and overwhelming loss that accompanied the news of Tony’s death, just like the many families who have suffered the same tragedy.

In the months that followed Tony’s funeral, his father, George, visited other families who had lost loved ones in the Iraq war. He began to sense that he had joined the ranks of a unique fellowship. These families were only the latest additions to a group that originated with the American Revolution, when the first soldiers to shed their blood for our freedom gave their lives.

George found another commonality among the families of fallen soldiers. After their grief had transitioned to numbness and finally to acceptance, many families wanted to know two things: their sacrifice was not in vain and the nation would never forget. These concerns led George on a quest to discover if there was a universally recognized symbol that specifically acknowledges the American service men and women who never made it home. To his surprise, he found nothing. Thus the Honor and Remember Flag was conceived.

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2’ x 3’ Honor/Rem Flag w/Header/grommets $50.00, 3’ x 5’ Honor/Rem Flag w/Header/grommets $71.00, 2’ x 3’ Honor/Rem Flag w/POLE HEM ONLY $63.00, 3’ x 5’ Honor/Rem Flag w/POLE HEM ONLY $88.00, 2’ x 3’ Honor/Rem Flag w/pole hem/gold fringe $68.00, 3’ x 5’ Honor/Rem Flag w/pole hem/gold fringe $93.00


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