Marine Corps Flags

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Marine Corps Flags
American Owned and American Made with Pride.Nylon Armed Forces Flags Our Armed Forces flags are digital dyed printed in bright colors. Outdoor flags are finished with polyester heading and brass grommets. Custom flags, custom pennants, custom guidons and burgees are available, please call for pricing (877) FLAGS-55.

Marine Corps Flags are made of commercial grade nylon finished with header and brass grommets. Larger Sizes and Heavy Duty 2 ply poly available. Please call for pricing

“Semper Fi”

Semper Fidelis is Latin for “Always Faithful” or “Always Loyal.” Well known in the United States as the motto of the United States Marine Corps (and often shortened to Semper Fi in Marine contexts), Semper Fidelis has served as a slogan for many families and entities, in many countries, dated no earlier than the 16th century. Within the groups below, users are listed in chronological order according to when they are believed to have adopted the motto; however, in many cases dates of adoption are not well established.

United States Marine Corps Flag

The Few, The Proud, The Marines

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From the day young men and women first earn the right to call themselves Marines, they take their place in an extremely proud heritage, and they will remain part of it forever. Expressed in our motto, Semper Fidelis, ours is a family that looks after its own in every way. Whether a Marine remains in the Corps for a few years or an entire career, he or she will retain the benefits earned by keeping this nation safe and free. By becoming one of us, your title will be your membership into an everlasting brotherhood of warriors —those who will stand by you in battle will never leave your side.

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