Nebraska Flag


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Nebraska Flag
Representations of current state and territory flags in a full range of bright, durable
colors. Nylon (digital dyed) or 2-ply polyester material (screen dyed) to meet the most demanding commercial and residential uses. All outdoor flags are finished with polyester heading and brass grommets. The poly econo flag is perfect for short term use, events, project etc. Please call for 2 ply poly or larger size prices. 877-352-4755

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The first thing generally said about the Nebraska State Flag is that Nebraska was one of the last states to adopt a state flag.
Nebraska did finally get around to officially describing a state banner in 1925. In a bill introduced by J. Lloyd McMaster, passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor on March 28, 1925, the design of the banner was described as “…a reproduction of the Great Seal of the State charged on the center of gold and silver on a field of national blue.

In 1963, the Nebraska State Legislature designated the state banner the official State Flag of Nebraska.

90-102. State banner; design; legend described; official state flag; when and where displayed. The banner of the State of Nebraska shall consist of a reproduction of the Great Seal of the State, charged on the center in gold and silver on a field of national blue. The banner shall be the official state flag of the State of Nebraska and may be displayed on such occasions, at such times, and under such conditions as the flag of the United States of America. The banner shall be displayed on or near the State Capitol, the Governor’s Mansion, all courthouses, city or village halls, schoolhouses, and other public administrative buildings in this state under or to the left of the flag of the United States of America.

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