Pennsylvania Flag


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Pennsylvania Flag
Representations of current state and territory flags in a full range of bright, durable
colors. Nylon (digital dyed) or 2-ply polyester material (screen dyed) to meet the most demanding commercial and residential uses. All outdoor flags are finished with polyester heading and brass grommets. The poly econo flag is perfect for short term use, events, project etc. Please call for 2 ply poly or larger size prices. 877-352-4755

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The first Pennsylvania State Flag to display the Pennsylvania Coat of Arms was authorized by the General Assembly in 1799. The state Coat of Arms was embroidered on a blue field on both sides of the flag.

The State Coat of Arms, containing the emblems of the official state seal, was that of Provincial Pennsylvania’s Penn family. It first appeared on paper money issued by the state in 1777 and two years later was adopted for display on the state flag.

During the Civil War, many Pennsylvania regiments carried a modified version of the Stars and Stripes. Substituted for the field of stars on Old Glory was the Pennsylvania Coat of Arms.

On June 13, 1907, the Pennsylvania General Assembly standardized the design of the flag and required that the field of blue be the same color as the blue of the Flag of the United States. The law requires that the flag

“…shall be of blue, the same color as the blue field in the flag of the United States, and of the following dimensions and design; to wit, The length, or height, of the staff to be nine feet, including brass spear-head and ferrule, the fly of the said flag to be six feet and two inches, and to be four feet and six inches on the staff; in the center of the flag there shall be embroidered in silk the same on both sides of the flag the coat of arms of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in proportionate size; the edge to be trimmed with knotted fringe of yellow silk, two and one-half inches wide; a cord, with tassels, to be attached to the staff at the spear-head, to be eight feet and six inches long, and composed of white and blue strands.”

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