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Flagpole Ornaments

The Army spear (spade) is the same ornament used on the guidon flagpoles. All ornament materials are spelled out in their individual descriptions. All ornaments include ferrule.

flagstaff spears

Indoor flagpole ornaments

Silver spear

Chrome Army Spade



Item C Staff Spear

Brass Staff Spear


Brass Battle Axe

Flagpole Ornament Battle Axe

A “ball-style” finial is commonly mounted to the top of a stationary flagpole. This is sometimes incorrectly called a “truck”, which is the mechanism that connects the finial to the pole. There is an urban legend which claims that the ball contains a razor, lighter, and flare. According to the legend, the items were meant to be used to destroy the flag in case the post was overrun by the enemy. A related and less pleasant version claims that the finial should have a bullet, knife, and matches so the last surviving soldier can continue fighting (with the knife), and if need be destroy the flag with matches (to prevent it from being captured), and take his own life with the bullet. In actuality, the finial of a flagpole is generally inaccessible, and contains nothing.

The United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard employ a variety of different finials depending on the flag in question, the Marines and Coast Guard deferring to the Navy’s protocols.

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Weight 1 lbs
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(A) Brass Guiding (Texas) Star-4” $35.00, (B) Brass Army Spear-7’ $41.00, (B) Brass Army Spear-8.5” $45.00, (B) Chrome Army Spear-7” $50.00, (B) Chrome Army Spear-8.5” $54.00, (C) Brass Staff Spear-7” $36.00, (C) Chrome Staff Spear 7” $36.00, (D) Brass Battle Axe-9” $42.00


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