StarGazer Downlight for External Halyard Flagpole

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StarGazer Downlight for External Halyard Flagpole SEE CHART BELOW FOR ORDERING INFO.

The American StarGazer is a revolutionary Dome Down Lighting series that incorporates the latest LED technology into flagpole lighting. A unique triangulation method of LED placement and the curvature of the dome design create outstanding performance with the most efficient distribution of light. The down lighting design prevents your flagpole lighting from contributing to light pollution created by traditional up lights, allowing the American StarGazer to achieve the International Dark Sky Association’s “Dark Sky Approved” certification. For use on flag sizes up to 10′ x 15′, these commercial-grade LED bulbs are rated for 50,000 hours, providing 25 times longer lamp life than halogen lamps (10+ years).
StarGazer Downlight for External Halyard Flagpole

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Choose, 3.5IN top SGE3-##-3K-GLD $665, 3.5IN top SGE3-##-5K-GLD $665, 3.5IN top SGE3-##-AM-GLD $665, 4IN top SGE4-##-3K-GLD $695, 4IN top SGE4-##-5K-GLD $695, 4IN top SGE4-##-AM-GLD $695, 4.5IN top SGER-##-3K-GLD $900, 4.5IN top SGER-##-5K-GLD $900, 4.5IN top SGER-##-AM-GLD $900