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The flag is nylon 3′ x 5′ with header and grommets or option for polehem and fringe.The Tibet Flag was introduced in the year 1912. In the Tibet Flag there is a magnificent snow mountain in the centre, which represents Tibet, the Land of Snow Mountains. The 13th Dalai Lama, made the flag of Tibet in 1912, to unite the various army provinces of the region. The flag of Tibet has a rich symbolism to it. The six red bands represent the original ancestors of the people and are painted against the backdrop of the blue of the sky that shows the protection of spiritual teachings. The white triangle in the lower part of the flag represents the Himalayan Mountains, the land of the people. The rising sun is the sign of equal enjoyment of privileges by the people of Tibet. The snow lions on the slopes of the mountain represent fearlessness and unified secular values. The three-coloured jewel held by the lions represents the three spiritual teachings in which the people of Tibet take refuge. The rotating jewel held by the lions represents the correct ethical behaviour of the people along with the correct codes of moral conduct as is laid down by the Buddha. The yellow line that forms the perimeter of the flag stands for the spread of the pure gold like teachings of the Buddha.

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Weight 2 lbs

Tibet w/header and grommets (Was $72.00) Now $57.65, Add Flag w/Pole Hem (Was $86.00) Now $71.65


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