US Navy Set of Battle Streamer List

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Authorized Battle Streamers for the US NavySet of 33Info click herePart#NS001NS002NS003NS004NS005NS006NS007NS008NS009NS010NS011NS012NS013NS014NS015NS016NS017NS018NS019NS020NS020aNS021NS022NS023NS024NS025NS026NS027NS028NS029War/CampaignRevolutionary WarFrench Naval WarBarbary WarsWar of 1812Indian WarsOperations Against West         Indian PiratesAfrican Slave PatrolMexican WarCivil War Campaign(Click here for additional information).Spanish CampaignPhilippine CampaignChina Relief ExpeditionNicaraguan CampaignWorld War I VictorySecond Nicaraguan CampaignYangtze ServiceChina ServiceAmerican Defense ServiceAmerican CampaignAsiatic-Pacific CampaignAsiatic-Pacific CampaignEuropean-African-Middle          Eastern CampaignKorean ServiceArmed Forces ExpeditionaryVietnam ServiceSouthwest Asia ServicePresidential Unit Citation (Navy)Navy Unit CommendationMeritorious Unit CommendationKosovo CampaignRibb#129168185152075187186095025138117022111148132154023010009017017057078012151356125107167532Device/s Embroidered1 Silver Star, 3 Bronze Stars3 Bronze Stars4 Bronze Stars2 Silver Stars, 4 Bronze StarsNoneNoneNone4 Bronze Stars3 Silver Stars4 Bronze StarsNoneNone1 Silver Star1 Silver StarNoneNoneNoneNone1 Bronze Star6 Silver Stars2 Silver Stars, 3 Bronze Stars1 Silver Star, 4 Bronze Stars2 Silver Stars4 Silver Stars, 2 Bronze Stars3 Silver Stars, 2 Bronze Stars3 Bronze Stars194 (Numerals)1082 (Numerals)2884 (Numerals)2 Bronze Stars All Battle Streamers are made to military specifications (2 3/4″ width x 3′ length).Complete Set of Navy streamers 33 totalPlease call for individual pricing”);// –>


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