UT Texas Style Sewn Flag 3′ x 5′



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UT Texas Style Flag 3′ x 5′

These Longhorn Flags are in the style of the Texas flag with a Longhorn head, UT orange, white and blue.

The flag is fully sewn with an applique Longhorn head.

UT Texas style flag

UT Orange, white and blue TX flag

The University of Texas at Austin is a public research university and the flagship institution of the University of Texas System.
AddressAustin, TX 78712
Acceptance rate39% (2015)
Total enrollment50,950 (2015)
Bevo I made his debut in 1916 at the UT-Texas AandM football game. [Credit: UT Austin’s Briscoe Center for American History] 

“His name is Bevo. Long may he reign!”

With that declaration in the December 1916 issue of UT’s Alcalde alumni magazine, the university’s famous longhorn mascot was formally named. Bevo had made his debut the month before during UT’s 21-7 football victory over Texas AandM.

As UT historian Jim Nicar writes on his website, “‘Bevo’ was a play on the word ‘beeve,’ which is not only the plural of ‘beef’ but long used as slang for a cow or steer destined to become food.” (While Bevo I did indeed meet that fate, today’s Bevos live out their retirement years peacefully at a private ranch.)

The better known story is that Bevo earned his moniker a few months later, after a group of Texas AandM students branded him with “13-0,” the Aggies’ winning score from the 1915 football match-up. As legend has it, Longhorns responded by altering the “13” to a “B,” the dash to an “E,” and then added a “V” in front of the “0.”

But while the Aggies did successfully vandalize the steer, they can’t take credit for the name.

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