Oak Finished Poles

Finest quality hardwood poles with polished oak finish for indoor and parade use. All poles are two-piece using a polished brass or chrome screw joint.

Available in 7′, 8′, or 9′ lengths, each pole comes complete with flag mounting screw and tassel ring.

Ornaments are sold separately.

Adjustable Gold Aluminum Pole

The one pole that is just the right height for all popular size indoor and parade flags. No tools necessary for the quick, easy twist-lock setting of the telescoping sections at any height from 5′ to 9½’.

The top of each pole is equipped with a threaded plug to accept all standard ornaments. A rounded bottom plug protects the end and assures a proper “seat” in a stand. Supplied in a bright, shiny gold aluminum finish.

Ornaments are sold separately. Adapter plug necessary when using ABS ornaments. 

Wood Grain Vinyl Covered Steel Poles

Beauty of wood, with the strength and stability of steel.

Scuff resistant wood grain vinyl permanently laminated to steel.

Stays straight – won’t bend or warp out of shape.

Sturdy slip-type joint for ease of handling and storage. Pole accepts all ornaments.

Ornaments are sold separately. Adapter plug necessary when using ABS ornaments.


Oak Wood Pole, Adjustable Gold Aluminum Pole, Wood Grain Vinyl Covered Steel Pole


7'x1 1/4", 8'x1 1/4", 9'x1 1/4", 5'– 9 1/2'x1"


Brass, Chrome, Gold, NA

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